Identify Real Cinnamon

  Identify Cassia Identify Ceylon Cinnamon
  Cassia Ceylon Cinnamon
Colour Dark Brown Light brown
Outer appearance Thick and hard Thin and soft
Inner filling Hollow tube Filled like a cigar
Aroma Harsh Delicate
Taste Flat Sweet
Grown in China, Vietnam, Indonesia Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Other Names Saigon Cinnamon Real or Sweet Cinnamon
Coumarin? 5% 0.004%
Species Cinnamomum Cassia Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Latin name for Ceylon)

Where to Buy Ceylon Cinnamon

Still not sure from where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon. You have come to a right place. DruEra Ceylon Cinnamon, the number one provider of Ceylon Cinnamon online offers you true Cinnamon directly from source "Ceylon". DruEra has an extensive global customer base and deliver true Cinnamon to your doorstep within in 3 - 7 days of placing the order online.

Although numerous conventional stores in your locality, might be selling Cinnamon, the majority of them sell Cassia Cinnamon in the name of true Cinnamon, the former being cheap to avail. The table given above will help you identify the real Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cassia Cinnamon is grown in India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, whilst Ceylon Cinnamon is grown almost exclusively in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

More and more consumers are switching to Ceylon Cinnamon due to its numerous health benefits and turning away from Cassia. In addition DruEra Ceylon Cinnamon is shipped to you within days of harvest pure and straight from Ceylon, which is when the essential oils are at its highest levels. We at DruEra believe this is the main reason for our customers to enjoy numerous health benefits from our Ceylon Cinnamon.

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